What’s that Odor? Rougned’s new Mr. Clean look throws off MLB fans

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Rougned Odor’s new clean-shaven look has him unrecognizable.

Rougned Odor’s new clean-shaven look has him unrecognizable.
Illustration: Getty/@YalkinYanks Twitter

Rougned Odor is now a New York Yankee, and therefore has to abide by their idiotic no-beard policy, which makes absolutely zero sense and is easily the most antiquated, useless policy in all of professional sports.

Today, we got our first look at the freshly-shorn Odor, and … um … it’s … something.

Remember that one time Odor got into a slugfest with Jose Bautista? Although his beard was tighter then and not the gloriously grown mane that it became, it still gave Odor an edgy, UFC-esque appearance when throwing hands. Now, he looks like a t-baller showing up for his first practice, and he’s just really excited to be there, you guys!

Yankees, for the love of individuality, would you please abolish this idiotic rule and allow your players to be their natural, most comfortable, selves? If this picture wasn’t captioned, I would have had exactly zero idea that this was Odor, and that’s a shame.

Also, as you can imagine, the masses on social media had jokes:

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