What if Mets’ Dominic Smith and Phillies’ José Alvarado actually fought

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Come at me bro

Come at me bro
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In case you missed it, New York Mets first baseman turned outfielder Dominic Smith wanted to fuck up Philadelphia Phillies pitcher José Alvarado.

You’ll see it here at the 1:30 mark of the SNY-produced highlight video to what sounds like the entrance music of a WWE jobber. Alvarado strikes out Smith to end the top of the eighth inning, preserving a 2-1 lead, which the Phillies subsequently held to win. Alvarado celebrated the strikeout and taunted Smith, who took exception and wanted to step to Alvarado, who he claimed after the game was being a fake tough guy.

“I don’t mind people pimpin’ strikeouts, pimpin’ stuff on the field. I’ve never been a player like that, but I don’t mind it, I love it,” Smith insisted in a post-game Zoom address. “Him pointing at me, coming after me, and stuff like that, I mean, I’m a grown-ass man. Come meet me then if you’ve really got a problem and we could really handle it.

“He waited for his team to grab him and stuff, you know, I’m right there. He could meet me in the tunnel tomorrow if he really wants to get after it.”

Asked what was actually said, Smith offered that, “I don’t speak Spanish, so I can’t really interpret everything he said. He was pointing at his head; he was pointing at me, he was pointing right down the middle, he was saying stuff but, you know, obviously he felt some type of way when I yelled at him when he went up and in at [Michael] Conforto and hit Conforto. He hit four of our guys. Like their manager said, “If you can’t throw strikes, you shouldn’t be in the big leagues.”

The Mets and Phillies play again tonight at roughly 6 p.m., but fuck that, here’s the Tale of the Tape.

Smith is listed at 6-foot, 239 pounds, which might actually be low. He’s from Los Angeles, and because he bats left-handed, we’ll assume he fights in a southpaw stance. Alvarado is listed at 6-foot-2, 245 pounds. He’s from Maracaibo, Venezuela (they don’t play out there), and because he’s a lefty, we’ll also assume a southpaw stance. Alvarado might have a slight reach advantage given that he’s two inches taller, but it’s not a perfect measurement to determine that. Emanuel Navarrete had an eight-inch reach over Christopher Díaz last week despite being one-inch taller. Smith-Alvarado also the rare bout between two southpaws, which did not go well for Paul Williams that one time, and to our knowledge, both are 0-0 in combat sports.

Safe to say, we’ll be looking forward to whenever it is they’ll fight… er… face each other in a baseball game once again.

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