Tim Tebow wants to come back as a TE, works out with Jaguars

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Guess who wants to play football again?

Guess who wants to play football again?
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Here’s a name I bet you didn’t expect to hear on NFL Draft Day — Tim Tebow. But hey, he’s here like the Kool Aid Man, crashing your party, whether you invited him or not. Don’t worry about that hole in the wall. I’m sure he’ll take care of it. Oh, yeah!

Tebow, the former Florida Gators Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback that was drafted 25th overall eleven years ago and flamed out in the NFL, is apparently trying to get back into the league as a tight end.

Bro. Tebow. Stop it.

Tebow apparently is so desperate to be a professional athlete, no matter in what form, that his newest avenue is to try to be a tight end. He tried his hand at baseball, spending four years in the minor leagues. He hit .222 with 347 strikeouts in 1,119 plate appearances. That’s 31 percent of his plate appearance. Ironically, his batting average is the same as the total number of hits he had — 222. Having a 3:2 K/H ratio is the opposite of good.

Since his quest to achieve professional athlete status in baseball didn’t work out, it’s only natural that the 33 year-old is trying to go back to football. Doing so at an entirely different position than he has literally never played is a sad attempt to stay relevant.

I kid you not — NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport literally started laughing while trying to deliver a straight-faced report about Tebow working out with a Jaguars tight end coach. “Tim Tebow is — *laugh* I’m sorry, I’m not laughing.”

We all feel the same, Ian. We allll feel the same. It’s time to move into the post-athlete life, Timothy.

Tebow Time is over.

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