This week in The Ladies Room: Charlotte Clymer

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Welcome to the Ladies Room – A Deadspin Sports Podcast.

Each week, we’ll talk about the latest in the sports world, chat with guests who have a lot to say, and generally hang out and have fun for 45 minutes.

In this latest episode, we talk with writer and activist Charlotte Clymer about the rash of anti-trans legislation across the nation, what the true motivation behind these laws are, and how the cisgender community can be good allies, as well as push back against bigoted laws.

Plus, hosts Julie DiCaro and Jane McManus talk about the way the media is covering the allegations against DeShaun Watson, the NCAA Women’s bracket, and why young athletes today look so much better than we did at their age.

New episodes drop weekly, and you can listen wherever you get your podcasts. If you like the show, we hope you’ll subscribe and leave a review. You can listen to Charlotte Clymer and every episode here.

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