The worst No. 1 draft picks in NFL history

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1. Jamarcus Russell – QB Raiders, 2007


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Russell just might be the sorriest player in NFL history. I say this because unlike so many others on this list talent and injuries weren’t the reason he turned out to be a bust. For Russell, it had everything to do with his mentality and weight gain. Reportedly Russell checked in at a whopping 300 pounds, up from his initial weigh-in of 271. He refused to watch film and prepare the way you are supposed to prepare to be an NFL quarterback. Even though Russell had all the physical tools, he only played three seasons in the league and finished his career with 18 touchdowns, 23 interceptions, and a 52 percent completion percentage.

Russell just wasn’t close to being ready for the professional game and it made him the biggest bust in NFL history.

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