More evidence that umpire Angel Hernandez is the worst at his job in America

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Angel Hernandez’s incompetence was on display AGAIN.

Angel Hernandez’s incompetence was on display AGAIN.
Screenshot: Bally SoCal

Hey, let’s watch Angel Hernandez suck at his job! Again.

Some of these missed-called balls and strikes are egregious, even by the cartoonish standards that Hernandez has set in his Boris-Badenov-on-cough-medicine career. We can all see it. The players know what’s happening, and it’s affecting games.

And yet nothing will ever come of it.

We’ll never hear of MLB reprimanding Hernandez for umping a game with his own brand of myopia.

Teams and fans all just have to suffer through it.

It’s just accepted that someone who can’t arbiter the game correctly will still get to arbiter the game.

Helps us, Obi Wan Robot Umps.

You’re our only hope.

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