Manchester United fans invade pitch to protest Glazer family

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United fans are pissed, and it’s pretty great

United fans are pissed, and it’s pretty great
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See, America, this is how you angrily storm a building.

During a planned protest of the Glazer Family, the owners of Manchester United, hundreds of MUFC fans stormed the pitch before the club’s match against Liverpool, the EPL version of Bears-Packers or Yankees-BoSox.

Fans tore down a gate, breached security, set off flares and smoke bombs on the field, and smashed cameras and broadcast equipment.

The kickoff has been delayed and both teams are in their hotels.

Outside the gates of Old Trafford, thousands of supporters gathered outside to speak out against the MUFC owners.

Joel Glazer was one of the driving forces behind the creation of the failed Super League. There’s no doubt United supporters were fed up after the league’s creation, but fans have basically been trying to oust the Glazers ever since they took over the club in 2005.

Glazer apologized for his involvement in the Superleague. Clearly, the apology is not accepted. And that phrase also made for a popular banner.

The best part of the coverage on NBCSN has been Rebecca Lowe, Arlo White, and company trying to impress the “severity” of the situation to American viewers, who saw the U.S. Capital breached and desecrated on January 6. This seems slightly less serious.

Officials at Old Trafford are trying to secure the stadium and the area outside the gates before deciding whether the match will take place today or be postponed. If the match is forfeited by MUFC, or if Liverpool wins, Manchester City will finish atop the Premier League.

This story is ongoing. Please check back for more updates.

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