Joe Rogan is, and has always been, a whiner

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Yelling and an angry face doesn’t make it not whining, dude.

Yelling and an angry face doesn’t make it not whining, dude.
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While he’s tried to couch it in the most macho things he can think of — UFC, scotch, steak, being “manly,” — it’s important to remember that what Joe Rogan has always been is a whiner. And you know that because where he comes from is a bastion of white guys whining, and that’s stand-up comedy. Believe me, I know.

You haven’t been able to avoid it the past few years, with legions of comedians stating they can’t play colleges anymore or they’re afraid to go into clubs because they don’t know how an audience will react to anything on the edge. But that’s the job, and all these guys are complaining about is that they don’t want to do the work. They don’t want to take the extra couple seconds, and that’s all it ever is, to really understand what it is they’re saying, writing, or joking about. They had a free run before, now they don’t, and they’re whining. Whining that that time is gone, whining that they have to work that much harder.

And that’s all Rogan has ever done. When he says it’s hard to be a man and like manly things these days, it’s just whining. No one’s saying you can’t enjoy a steak or scotch. Fuck, no one’s saying you can’t be an asshole, if that’s your perogative. It’s just that there is an acknowledgement that it has consequences now. People can talk back. It’s no longer an unchallenged soapbox.

Most of Rogan’s fans are the same. Whining about having to consider anyone else or whining that they’re not getting what they think they’re entitled to, i.e. usually women. It’s never their fault.

So Rogan’s gas expulsion about keeping young people from taking the vaccine? It’s just more whining. I don’t want to do this, and because I don’t want to do it I’m going to find reasons not to do it, no matter what that means for anyone else. It’s not getting what you want, i.e. not having to take a half hour out of your day to roll up to a CVS at this point, and stamping your feet and throwing your toys out of the crib. It’s no different than whoever is saying they can’t do jokes about this or that anymore because the editor of the college paper will get upset: Thinking, “I used to do it this way, and I have no interest in changing, so I’ll whine.”

Rogan can claim that he’s trying to reclaim some segment of society, or make men proud of being men again, but it’s all noise. It’s just whining. It’s the least manly thing of all. And he knows it.

To actual sporting matters, and to perhaps the biggest soccer game of 2021 so far, the first leg of PSG-Manchester City which City ended up winning 2-1. It was a strange one, a game of two halves as the cliche goes, as PSG dominated the first half and then completely wet themselves in the second.

It used to be the thinking that PSG would get stagefright in the latter stages of the Champions League. And because they were usually unchallenged in the French Ligue, when looked in the eye, they would fold. And the couple of times they have been looked in the eye in League 1, they have lost it or are losing it, as they are this year.

Thomas Tuchel made them functional and steely the past couple years, as they got through to last year’s final by being more sound than flashy. Against Munich, and in the first half against City, it appeared that Mauricio Pochettino had added swagger. They played through City with ease, and really should have been up more than one goal at half. Their midfield had completely strangled City’s, and Neymar was basically unplayable.

And then it just flipped. Pochettino sent his charges out to protect that 1-0 lead, conceding territory and the ball and letting City find their rhythm. This is how City are used to it, and while both their goals had an element of fortune — one a misplaced cross and one a freekick that somehow found its way through the wall — they had been coming. PSG managed just one shot in the second half, and they couldn’t get the ball to either Neymar or Kylian Mbappé.

It was odd for Pochettino, who has never been conservative. This could have gone down as PSG’s biggest ever win, depending on what would happen in the second leg. They got over the edge, took a look, and once again shrank from it. 

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