Figure skater’s ‘Joker’ routine will leave you grinning, & Gary Glitter won’t see a dime

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Screenshot: Fazeway Tallink Hotels Cup 20201

Josefin Taljegård will not be among the favorites for the figure skating medal podium at next year’s Olympics in Beijing after finishing 15th at the world championships on home ice in Stockholm.

But who cares? Taljegård’s free skate is an artistic delight, set to the Joker soundtrack, including the once-classic arena anthem, “Rock and Roll Part 2.”

And now you can feel good about hearing that song in sports again because convicted pedophile and walking vaccine ethics questioner Gary Glitter doesn’t see a dime of royalties from the Joker soundtrack version.

The full program, including Taljegård’s in-character grin at the end, isn’t available to American YouTube viewers without “Certain” Internet “Tricks,” but she skated it nearly as well last month in Estonia, which Americans can watch here free and easy (just rewind to the beginning for the full routine).

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