Anthony Rizzo strikes out MVP Freddie Freeman on 61 MPH pitch

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He seems to even be smirking while delivering the knockout pitch.

He seems to even be smirking while delivering the knockout pitch.
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For the second straight week, Anthony Rizzo got the better of Freddie Freeman. In the bottom of the seventh, the Cubs had no hope, no pitchers, and no more fucks to give. They were down 10-0 to the Braves in Atlanta, so Chicago brought their first baseman on to pitch.

This would be the second time Rizzo would throw from the mound in his MLB career, something he lobbies for every time he gets the chance.

With one on and (somehow) one out Rizzo faced Freeman who, in case you forgot, was the 2020 NL MVP. With the count 2-2, Rizzo couldn’t hide his smirk. And neither could you if you watched this on live TV.

The first baseman struck out the first baseman on a 61 mile per hour pitch.

“Oh gosh. Ugh that’s going to be over me forever,” Freeman told reporters after the game.
“I had such a good night going too.” That he did. Four hits on five at bats… and only one strikeout for the entire game.

“I couldn’t stop laughing as I was going to the plate,” Freeman continued. “It’s a recipe for disaster when you face position players, especially one of your friends, too.”

Last Sunday, their friendship was also on display inside the lines. During the game, Freeman was caught in a pickle between second and third, and Rizzo was caught on a hot mic. What ensued was some quality television.

The Cubs and Braves will wrap up their series tonight. One can only hope for more Freeman-Rizzo shenanigans.

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