Aaron Rodgers, Mark Davis, Kim Mulkey, and the Idiots of the Month

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1. Aaron Rodgers, Ryan Rottman, and the Online Sports Database

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Copyright law! How does it work? That is a question Aaron Rodgers and his business partner, Hollywood Z-lister Ryan Rottman, should have asked before launching their latest endeavor, the profoundly awful Online Sports Database.

Billed as “IMDb for sports,” the site in actuality is a mess of user polls and other uninteresting information, complete with bad UX design and — what’s this? An “Editorial” section? IMDb doesn’t have one of those! Let’s check it out.

So check it out we did, and boy were we flummoxed to learn that posts previously published on Deadspin by Donovan Dooley, Bryan Fonseca, Dustin Foote, and Jon Helmkamp were running verbatim on Rodgers and Rottman’s bloated disaster of a site.

Had these writers forsaken us? Were they playing both sides of the field, hoping to score a job with the Online Sports Database? Were dozens of other sportswriters, including Adrian Wojnarowski, whose ESPN work was also taken and published word-for-word, also in on the ploy?

Well, no. Rodgers and Rottman apparently just didn’t know they couldn’t do that. The Online Sports Database launched to surprising amounts of favorable press coverage, thanks in part to Rodgers’ star power, but by the end of the day it had become a punchline. Within 24 hours the site’s “Editorial” section — which we’re intentionally referencing in shade quotes — was no more. But it will live on forever in our hearts, minds, and bowels.

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