Aaron Rodgers appears incognito at Kentucky Derby as Turd Ferguson

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Aaron Rodgers is Turd Ferguson.

Aaron Rodgers is Turd Ferguson.
Screenshot: Twin Spires

Maybe Aaron Rodgers just doesn’t want to be Aaron Rodgers right now. And who could blame him?

Hours before the NFL draft, word got out that the 2020 MVP wants out of Green Bay. The Packers, however, do not want their star to leave.

Since Thursday, there’s been endless speculation about where the signal caller will go. Probably somewhere on the west coast. So, San Francisco? Probably not anymore with the Niners drafting Trey Lance. Plus, the Pack wouldn’t want to trade within the conference. So how about Las Vegas or Denver? Maybe — but I don’t know, folks. At this point, the only thing we can say for certain is that Titletown is a mess.

So cue Rodgers at the Kentucky Derby either attempting to go incognito, make another pitch for Jeopardy! host, poke fun at himself, or all of the above.

Please refer to Mr. Rodgers as Mr. Ferguson, Turd Ferguson.

Ferguson was a character from the popular Saturday Night Live sketch mocking Celebrity Jeopardy!

Rodgers has already said he would “love” to be a full time host of Jeopardy! someday. Maybe this is his final pitch before LeVar Burton gets his shot to take over the permanent gig in a few months?

Or maybe he just wants an alter ego after the horrendous month of April. I mean he started one of the worst sports websites and told his team of 16 years “I’m out.” Why not take a trip to Louisville and write a new name on your tag?

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