300+ ideas by Alfred Hitchcock

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300+ ideas by Alfred Hitchcock

Writing, storytelling and production

In 1920, Hitchcock entered the film industry with a full-time position at Famous Players-Lasky, developing cover pages for silent films. Renowned director and director Alfred Hitchcock worked briefly as an engineer before entering the film industry in 1920. In 1939 he left for Hollywood, where his first American film Rebecca won the Academy Award for Best Picture….

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Hitchcock has created over 50 films, including the classics A Back Window, 39 Steps and Psycho. Nicknamed the « Master of Suspension », Hitchcock received the AFI Life Achievement Award in 1979. Director Alfred Hitchcock has been nicknamed the « Master of Suspension » for using a kind of psychological stress in his films to create a special audience experience . On August 13, 1962, Hitchcock’s 63rd birthday, French director François Truffaut began a 50-hour interview with Hitchcock, filmed for eight days at Universal Studios, during which Hitchcock agreed to answer 500 questions. It took four years to decipher the tapes and organize the images; in 1967 it was published as a book, which Truffaut called the « Booklet. » Audio recordings formed the basis of the 2015 documentary..

Truffaut asked for an interview because it was clear to him that Hitchcock was more than just the mass market entertainer portrayed by the American media. It was evident from his films, Truffaut wrote, that Hitchcock « thought more about the potential of his art than any of his colleagues. » He compared the interview to the « Oedipus Council of the Oracle »..


Inspired by New Hollywood principals with its expressive editing, Madness is like trying to reckon with a new school. His films are marked by a dark sense of humor and a somewhat obscure view of human conditions. Hitchcock attended St Ignatius College Jesus School before entering the University of London for art courses. He eventually found a job as a designer and advertising designer at the cable company Henley. It was during his time at Henley that he began writing, presenting short articles for internal publication. From the first part, he used themes of false accusations, conflicting emotions and twisted conclusions with an impressive ability..

Saboteur is the first of two films that Hitchcock directed for Universal in ten years. Universal Studios forced Hitchcock to use Universal contract player Robert Cummings and Priscilla Lane, a stand-alone deal with a film with Universal, both known for their work in comedy and light drama. Breaking the Hollywood conventions of the time, Hitchcock conducted extensive area surveys, particularly in New York, and described a confrontation between an alleged saboteur and a real saboteur at the top of the Statue of Liberty. , a photographic review of the dangers of war gossip for Life magazine. Hitchcock began work on his tenth film, Blackmail, when his British production company British International Pictures turned their Elstree studios into sound. The film was the first British « talkie »; this followed the rapid development of sound films in the United States, from the use of short sound bites in The Jazz Singer to the first full-length sound film, The Lights of New York.. .

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Could he be, as Detective Charlotte tells him, the Assassin’s Happy Widow? Hitchcock has said several times that this is his favorite movie and his central message – « Love and good order are not protection from evil », as Hitchcock said – still haunts him to this day. Hitchcock returned to cinema for the first time in Britain. every 22 years for this belated success. The killer is terrorizing London again – something themed in Hitchcock movies in the capital – and is strangling his victims with a tie. In doing so, he turns to the ridiculously ridiculous way of expecting murder. Movies from the thirties and forties and the beloved adoration of the roots of Covent Garden, Madness is also a little dirty, dirty movie. This was the first time Hitchcock showed nudity, and his quiet brutality dismisses his chic appearance…

The blackmail marked the beginning of Hitchcock’s tradition of using famous landmarks as a backdrop for intense scenes, culminating in the dome of the British Museum. He also presents one of his longest episodes, in which he is disturbed by a little boy reading a book in the London Underground. In the series PBS People Making Movies, Hitchcock explained how he used early voice recording as a special feature of the film, emphasizing the word « knife » in a conversation with a woman suspected of murder..


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